User Profile Wizard Deployment Kit

To harness the full capabilities of ForensiT User Profile Wizard you need to run it with the command line interface. In the past running an application using a command line interface meant creating a DOS batch file. However, batch files are fundamentally limited in terms of flexibility and functionality.

ForensiT strongly recommends that you use Windows Scripting to run the User Profile Wizard from a command line. Windows Script is a comprehensive scripting infrastructure for the Microsoft Windows platform and is built into all versions of Windows supported by ForensiT User Profile Wizard.

The User Profile Wizard Deployment Kit is able to generate a Visual Basic Script (VBScript) to run the User Profile Wizard based on your specific migration requirements. It can generate a very simple script that will just migrate the currently logged on user’s profile, or it can create scripts to migrate all the profiles on a workstation, lookup the new account names, add the machine to a specific Active Directory OU, and securely run another configuration script or executable file.

The User Profile Wizard Deployment Kit is installed with the Corporate Edition of User Profile Wizard.

More Information

Please refer to the User Profile Wizard User Guide for full details on using the User Profile Wizard Deployment Kit.